Ramen green 18 zł

Hot soup based on miso paste with buckwheat soba noodles, fried tofu, tamago omelet, shitake mushrooms
pok choy and cabbage.

Only available in restaurants.

Miso tofu 8 zł

Miso soup with tofu, wakame seaweed and scallions.

Gioza 14zł

Vegetable broth with garlic, with gyoza dumplings, egg and spring onions.

Ramen white 26 zł

Aromatic fish bouillon with traditional ramen noodles, whose delicacy shrimp or salmon tempura salad Kim Chi breaks and character of the truffle oil.

Only available in restaurants.

Miso salmon 10 zł

Miso soup with chili sauce, salmon, wakame seaweed and scallions.

Tom yum 16 zł

Tom yum soup with coconut milk, shrimp or chicken and coriander.

Ramen black 28 zł

Essential beef broth with udon wheat noodles, sea grass, Thai basil and shitake mushrooms. Served with beef or duck.

Only available in restaurants.

Miso surimi 8 zł

Miso soup with crab sticks, wakame seaweed and scallions.

Black Tiger 18zł

Crisp vegetable broth with shrimp, noodles, with the addition of oranges and vodka.

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